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Plearn Wan

Plearn Wan

(The first ever eco vintage village in Thailand.)

Plearn Wan Many people have heard the name It is a famous tourist destination of Hua-Hin. Visitors to Hua-Hin Must always come here. Every single corner, every tiny corner is so great to be in the photos. Please spare more memory storage if you are planning to visit here.

Plearn Wan

The charm of Plearn Wan That makes everyone want to come here. Is that many people think of the past. Go back and experience it again. While the younger generation I want to learn about the way of life of contemporary Thailand before. Living together, however, such as appliances or food, entertainment.

Plearn Wan Plearn Wan

Plearn Wan. The market model of ancient Thailand. It is decorated in a traditional market in the year 2499, the old-fashioned buildings, shops, food, snacks, souvenirs, toys, theme park, Thailand outdoor movies including Ferris activities. The many activities Almost not be seen today.

There are lots of restaurant, coffee shop, clothes shop, snack corners, and liquor shop in this village; most interesting is that, the decoration and decorative items are in really old school fashion. You may also find drug store, candy stores here. You will be surprised with the candies available in the candy store. Those are really the things we had in old days

What attracts tourists Plearn Wan it is. Appliances, food and activities available within Plearn Wan visitors can purchase. And a real Unlike the museum. The service is not available at all. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses! It’s really scorching hot to walk under the sun.

Plearn Wan @Hua Hin In addition to a Center in the old story that everyone has come to enjoy. Like back in the past, actually, besides. Shopping, dining, gifts, souvenirs Sweets, drinks and activities included in already.

Learn Wan pic PlearnWan

Address : 4/90-95 Soi.Mooban Bor Fai,Huahin Prachupkhirikhan Thailand 77110

Operation Hour
Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 21:00
Friday – Saturday 09:00 – 22:00

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Plearn Wan – Reviews

Good place to takes photos. Not sure about the food, i was little bit disappointed with the one of the light meal in there. but overall good place and must visit place in Hua Hin..


Great place for returning to the past
For my opinion as Thai people, this is a generally place but very nice for taking photos especially in the night time. The food and any stuffs quite expensive more than the outside. Also in day time, I think this place have many people more than night time but the feeling that you will feel different too. Therefore if you never go there I recommend you to visit here.


Back to the past
Interesting place with old architecture. Good place for photography and it is free entry. Worth to visit if you are in Hua Hin.


Back to the 50s
Shops and eateries to bring one back down in memory lane. A couple of funfair concepts game stalls and a mini Ferris wheel.
Took family pictures at a photo studio with a 50s concept. Lovely pictures and worth the $. Very reasonable prices.
Good place to have some food and drinks while soaking in the olden days ambience

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