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Things to do in Cha-Am

Cha-Am is one of the popular places which is near Hua Hin and not far from Bangkok, so having a one-day trip to Cha-Am is possible.

The long beach at Cha-am is popular with working-class Thai weekenders and a scattering of foreigners. Though you’ll find much better beaches further south, Cha-am boasts terrific seafood and is more affordable than nearby Hua Hin.

Cha-Am is a district in Phetchaburi province.  The white-sand beach stretches for kilometers.  Moreover, there are places nearby recommended to visit such as Mrigadaygavan Palace, Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm. Many activities are also interesting such as water activities, horse riding, going to mangrove forests and biking.

Many styles of accommodations are provided tourists to choose such as hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and bungalows.  Hat Cha-Am are the favorite locations for the tourists.

1. Mrigadayavan Palace

Mrigadayavan Palace @Cha-am

Mrigadayavan Palace is situated in Cha-Am in the province of Phetchaburi (City of Diamonds). Mrigadayavan Palace was the seaside palace of His Majesty King Vajiravudh or King Rama VI, who ruled Siam from 1910 to 1925.


Around years 1916-1917, King Vajiravudh, who had rheumatoid arthritis, was advised by his Personal Physician, Phraya Phaet Phongsavisuttatibhadi (Soon Sundaravej), to reside in a place with warm and airy seaside climate. Initially, King Vajiravudh’s seaside residence was at Chao Samran beach. However, the lack of freshwater, inaccessibility, and close proximity to a fishing village led to the decision to choose a secluded beach to construct the Mrigadayavan Palace in 1923. The area was called Huai Sai, which means “hog deer stream”, due to the abundance of hog deer in this area. King Vajiravudh therefore named his new summer palace “Mrigadayavan”, as in “Isipatana Mrigadayavan”, the deer park in India where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon.


2. Santorini Park


SANTORINI PARK CHA-AM is administered by Ms. Nasvera Tantichirasakul, the progeny of Mr. Supoj Tantichirasakul, the owner of the Premium Outlet Cha-Am, with the position of Managing Director of Theme Plaza Development Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Pena Group Public Company Limited, which has successfully operated a variety of retail ventures across Thailand for over 30 years.

Pena started in the retail fashion business. We recognized that there were many types of retail with potential in the market. Hua Hin – Cha Am is a tourist destination, but to meet tourists’ requirements, there should also be some activities. Retail certainly means selling, but it is not only shopping. Thrill rides are the amusement that we have selected and added for the whole family. These are the tangible objects. For abstract ideas, marketing activities will be held continuously in the project. Atmosphere is very important; our concept relies on current trends of high technology. These days, people like to take and share photos online. So our concept here is that every inch of space should be beautiful for photography. Everybody would feel happy as a part of atmosphere, so we invested quite a lot on the architecture and sculpture.


3. Swiss Sheep Farm, Cha-Am

Swiss Sheep Farm at Cha-am

Swiss Sheep Farm : In place of the ancient dream of those who seek it. The complex nature. Come in contact with the atmosphere of a farm in a valley surrounded by the love that surrounds you with warmth, style European country. Farms that will take you time to dream again. You will enjoy riding the scenic meadows among shepherds. And full of fun activities that are fun and love and romance. The key to my weight. The successor to that reputation.

Couples who have put together the key of love. Hold the eternal love. Join today to add power to your fatigue. Add fresh restore your love for us here. Swiss Sheep farm.

By now, you’re probably already packing your bags for Cha-Am. With scrumptious long street eats, endless beaches, unique family attractions, and more – what’s not to love about beautiful Cha-Am?

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