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Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market

(Flea & Street Markets, Shopping)

What to Do in Hua Hin Night Market

The best known of these is definitely Hua Hin night market. A visit here is an absolute must during your stay. It is located in the centre of town. And runs up from Petchkasem Road to the railway line and opens from around 18.00. Most stalls will start to break down at approximately 23.00, however some selling food will stay open until dawn.

Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market ,Situated in the Hua Hin centre between the Petchkasem Road and the railway line. The market basically encompasses one street that comes to life from 18:30 onwards. When traders line the street with their stalls selling various apparel, crafts, art, CDs, DVDS and cheap, tasty food – generally what you might expect from a Thai market. This is by no means the best place to shop in Thailand; you will finder a bigger variety of goods in Bangkok or say, Chiang Mai. However, Hua Hin does have a superb selection of seafood restaurants that line the road that hosts the Night Market, drawing a lot of attention from visitors eager to feast on the quality dishes on offer.

Hua Hin Night Market massage


Like Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, the mere market experience is entertainment in itself. Here is where you can get a real grasp of local culture and opportunity by practicing your Thai during the bartering process. Even if nothing on offer suits your fancy, just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere is a great source of entertainment with the various street vendors and live entertainers around.

Most of the restaurants on the street double as bars where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail while watching the crowds move up the street. At the top end of the street moving away from the sea, you will come to Prapokklao Road, which is lively street consisting of shops, bars and restaurants.

seafood Hua Hin Night Market Hua Hin Night Bazaar


The seafood restaurants in this part of town are incredibly popular due to their atmosphere, quality of food and Thai-style low prices. With minimal space between each establishment, you can pretty much expect the same thing from each place and prices that closely compare to their neighbours’. Each restaurant usually has a small vending station outside where food is both prepared and sold on a street food basis. The usual seafood ice trays laden with freshly caught fish, crab and lobsters might help sway your choice – the bigger the better.

Hua Hin Night Market

From experience we can recommend that Khaimuk, Rod Yai and Ko Seafood are all worthy choices with excellent food coming in wholesome portions for a lot less than you will pay in the west. Other than seafood, steaks and western-style BBQ dishes can be easily found.

What to Buy

Primarily, Hua Hin Night Market is a place to indulge in food and drink but that is not to say that the shopping should go unmissed. As any savvy market-goer will testify, finding the good stuff is more often than not about getting into the thick of it – keep your ears and eyes peeled in other words. The sort of stuff you can expect to see goes along the lines of jewelry, crafts, some Buddhist tokens, beachwear, funky lamps and some counterfeit goods. The counterfeit goods here don’t feature as prominently as say, Bangkok, but you can still get your hands on a good ‘Chanel’ handbag or pair of ‘Adidas’ trainers.

Women’s fashions in the form of dresses, skirts, shirts and tops feature quite prominently as do accessory stands where intricate, hand crafted pieces can be bought. Essentially this is a good area for some pre- or post-dinner shopping, especially if you’re looking to buy souvenirs or traditional Thai crafts.

Hua Hin Night Bazaar

Hua Hin Night Market

Opening Hours: 18:00 to 23:00 ( Best time to go after 19:00 )

Location: Soi Dechanuchit | Hua Hin, Hua Hin 77110, Thailand

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Hua Hin Night Market Reviews

Nice for a stroll and some souvenirs.
It is a small night market but the highlight is the seafood available at a reasonable cost. If you can bargain, might get a good deal for some decent stuff.


i love the night market here
The prices are cheap although you need to haggle a bit to get the best price. I do recommend practicing your haggling skill here. You could get the best items with cheap prices. and i suggest to buy it here, because you won’t get the same price elsewhere (i.e. Bangkok)


Good place to walk on weekdays
You can come to this place for dinner and some shopping for cheap buys on weekdays. The tamarind and cicada night market are only open on weekends. The night market here is relatively small compared to the Bangkok ones. Prices are more reasonable as well.


Nice colorful walk
We had fun browsing and strolling. Captivated by the first BBQ seafood restaurant we saw and chose our lobster and prawns right away. In hindsight we should have kept walking bit more – the other restaurants looked better! Enjoyable colorful walk – tried durians as well. Must do when in Hua Hin.


Nice seafood
Had our final night at Hau Hin here, lots of sizzling seafood, mini stalls. An energetic, lively place! Worth for a visit! Must try seafood there!!!

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