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Santorini Park

Santorini Park Cha-Am


SANTORINI PARK CHA-AM is administered by Ms. Nasvera Tantichirasakul, the progeny of Mr. Supoj Tantichirasakul, the owner of the Premium Outlet Cha-Am, with the position of Managing Director of Theme Plaza Development Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Pena Group Public Company Limited, which has successfully operated a variety of retail ventures across Thailand for over 30 years.

SantoriniPark Santorini-Park-Cha-Am

Pena started in the retail fashion business. We recognized that there were many types of retail with potential in the market. Hua Hin – Cha Am is a tourist destination, but to meet tourists’ requirements, there should also be some activities. Retail certainly means selling, but it is not only shopping. Thrill rides are the amusement that we have selected and added for the whole family. These are the tangible objects. For abstract ideas, marketing activities will be held continuously in the project. Atmosphere is very important; our concept relies on current trends of high technology. These days, people like to take and share photos online. So our concept here is that every inch of space should be beautiful for photography. Everybody would feel happy as a part of atmosphere, so we invested quite a lot on the architecture and sculpture.

Santorini-Park-Cha-Am สวนน้ำซานโตรินีหัวหิน

The idea of bedecking buildings in blue as the Santorini style in Greece also came from Mr. Supoj. Though this land is not adjacent to the sea, Hua Hin-Cha Am is considered a city by the sea. So we thought of an island city which is famous and has its own character, and the answer is Santorini. This is because when we see the architecture of this island, we know where it is. Since Santorini is the island city, there must be water. That’s why there are many things here related to water, such as man-made waterfalls, dancing fountains, water balls for children, and green areas. The atmosphere inside is thus very enjoyable.


LOCATION : 555 Moo 3 | Khao Yai Subdistrict, Cha-am 76120, Thailand

All hours : Sun – Sat 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Santorini Park Reviews

Nice park
Visited with travel agent. Only given 1 hour to tour the park. Pretty big park and several shopping outlets. A mini replicate of Greece; blue and white themed park.
Very big toilet. There is a 4D and 7D ride.
It will be much better if more time is allow to roam in the park without tour guide.


The place for letting your stress go..
Water is quite clean. Many type of sliders..and all are not that much scary.. Tornado is my favorite… Just scream and slide down!!


This park is quite fun. The attraction is the ferris wheel ride. For 150bath entrance fees per person, this park is quite alright. The entrance fees is also inclusive of an outdoor activity and my family chose the ferris wheel ride. As always shops selling branded items are a plenty though a little higher on pricing side. The ground is very Santorini-Italy like. My family and I enjoyed it here.


Family time
Take 2-3 hours from bangkok use minivan, it’s a very tired one way trip. the place is not too big but good, they have attraction that you can play. it’s very hot, please bring you hat or umbrella.
Small universal studio
A semi santorini greece, cool place to spend weekends with family creational fun. Definitely great to try the XD rides with family and the Haunted House. With friendlt people around.

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